7 Ways to Save Money on Energy

What are those 7 things that a customer can do to save energy?

  1. Tune-up and programmable thermostat. Each of these can save up to 5% with a small investment
  2. Space heating solutions: If a customer is looking to space heat and reduce the use of their central system – we have the answers – either propane, oil and kerosene. Affordable, inexpensive, automatic and virtually maintenance free. (no weekly ash shoveling, loading and storing)
  3. Domestic hot water efficiencies – get rid of the coil! Indirects and instant on hot water systems can save bundles of money and provide endless hot water for greater comfort
  4. Outdoor reset controls; Why have your boiler always run as if it were 20 below outside? When recognized by automatic controls and sensors, higher outdoor temperatures means your boiler can run more efficiently and use less fuel
  5. Replace: If you have an old burner replace it with a retention head burner. If an old system, replace the whole system! Save up to 50% or more with a modern upgrade and enjoy greater comfort while reducing your carbon footprint.
  6. We’ve heard it before but if you have not done it already, insulate, caulk, replace old windows and insulate some more.
  7. Make sure you use a trusted contractor like Bob’s Cash Fuel. Propane, oil and solid fuels are regulated and require the installer to have a license. Wood and pellet stoves do not require a license. Central heat wood and pellet stoves do. Do your research, compare aggressively, talk with your energy dealer about what they recommend for your house.
  8. Did we say 7?  Also ask your contractor like Bob’s Cash Fuel if they have any financing incentives that can assist you with upgrading to new equipment.

    No one knows what the price of any energy fuels will be in the future. For the last 50 years, 70% of Mainers used oil as their primary heat source. They use it not because they are forced to, but because they are frugal and recognized the product with the best value. For 28 of the last 35 years, heating oil has been less expenseive than natural gas. (Source -EIA)  Today, heating oil is unfortunately expensive, Tomorrow, hard to predict. Your heating fuels dealer can help with solutions including; space heating, propane, pellets, equipment effciency upgrades, insulation, heat pumps. We now offer all solutions. For decades, the 12,000 Maine citizens employed in the energy marketing business have been proud to serve the people of Maine. We will continue to be proud and serve while recognizing the stress that customers are under and we will do everything we can to keep a customer and keep them happy.