Diesel & Gasoline

We deliver Diesel, Regular and Non-Ethanol Gasoline! Our delivery schedule is based on a 2 week schedule.  If you are in need of more frequent deliveries please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your specific needs. If you are not on automatic delivery, please try to call us in advance so we can place you on the delivery schedule. By law, we are unable to deliver to individual equipment. We will deliver to any fuel storage tank meeting all applicable codes.

Typically we receive our winter grade diesel in around mid to late November. We also add an extra additive called O.P.T. (Optimum Performance Technology) year round to our diesel supply when it is delivered to us. Giving our diesel this added level of protection in the winter and summer months for our customers creates peace of mind and allows our customers to continue working during the coldest of temperatures without worry.  Beyond its cold flow protection OPT helps meet the documented challenges associated with high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems. A combination of a next generation detergent balanced with dual stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors help clean and protect the entire fuel handling system.

At our location on 424 Main Street, Madison we have On Road and Off Road Diesel and Regular and Non-Ethanol Gasoline at Self-Serve Pumps. Our facility is well lighted, maintained and a secure location for you to access. Our pumps are available 24/7 and please consider joining Bob’s Gas and Diesel Club to receive discounts on our products at the pumps. We send bills out on these credit approved accounts on a weekly basis. You may choose to receive your bills via Email or regular mail. Another option at the pumps is the convenience of using your debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Wrights Express and FleetOne cards.