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Types of Fields

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Horizontal Loop
This type of system is best used in areas that have adequate space.  Trenches are dug below the frostline where the piping will lay. This type of system may be more cost effective for you as long as you have ample space since there is no drilling deep into the ground as is the case with a Vertical Loop system.

Vertical Loop
This type of system is used when the property is smaller in size and therefore you would need to drill down into the ground to save space. The holes that are drilled may range between 50-400 feet in depth.  A Well Drilling company usually drills these types of holes for us. Pipes are then put down into the holes. The drilling in this type of system is usually around half of the cost of the whole Geothermal installation.

Open/Closed Loop
Most systems are Closed Loop systems where the same liquid mixture is circulated throughout and never escapes. An Open Loop system is used in areas where there is enough ground water to use throughout.



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