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Office Hours
7:30am to 5pm Monday-Friday
8:30am to Noon Saturdays Oct-Mar


In order to help schedule our delivery drivers in the most efficient manner possible, we ask that you call at least one day prior to needing a delivery. Below we have listed the delivery days for certain areas. If you live on the outskirts of a certain town, please call the office to make sure of the correct day of the week.

Delivery Days for General Areas

  • Monday | Skowhegan, Lakewood Area, Canaan, Clinton
  • Tuesday | Waterville, Smithfield, Norridgewock, Mercer, Farmington, Starks, Belgrade, Benton, Fairfield, Winslow, Rome
  • Wednesday* | Madrid, Phillips, Salem, Strong, Sandy River, Avon, New Vineyard, New Portland, Anson
    Thursday | Athens, Solon, Bingham, The Forks, North Anson, Madison
  • Friday* |  Madison, Eustis, Highland, Kingfield, Lexington, North New Portland, Stratton, Spring lake, Jim Pond, Wyman

*Propane deliveries to Carrabassett Valley areas will be every 2 weeks in the winter months and every 2nd Wednesday and Friday in the summer months

Customers are using Propane now more than ever. Propane is used for cooking, whole-home heat, hot water and dryers. If a customer chooses not to be on automatic delivery, it is important for customers to call when their tank reads no lower than 30%. This will allow for ample time to deliver the product you need. PLEASE – do not let your tank run out of Propane! The State of Maine requires us to complete a Leak Test on your system and a charge of $140.00 will be assessed.

A minimum delivery of 100 gallons, or filling of the tank if it is smaller than 100 gallon capacity, is requested. If you request a delivery less than that, a $20.00 delivery charge will be assessed. If you are needing a same day delivery on a day we are normally scheduled for your area and cannot wait until the next scheduled date, a $40.00 same day delivery charge will be assessed. Since we delivery to certain areas on certain days, if requesting a delivery be made on an Off Route day and we need to pull our trucks off their normal route for the day there will be a minimum of $125.00 off route fee assessed.

Propane prices are based on annual usage if you lease a tank from us or by gallon drops if you own and maintain your Propane tank. Volume discounts are considered. Tanks are sized according to how many BTU’s your appliances use. We cannot deliver to another company’s Propane Tank, nor can they to ours.

Bob’s Cash Fuel accepts HEAP/LIHEAP funds as well as Citizens Energy when offered. If you find that you are in need of financial assistance, please reach out to some of the following organizations as they may be able to help you:

  • KVCAP 800-542-8227
  • Your local Town Office
  • Your local Churches
  • Citizen’s Energy 877-563-4645
  • Salvation Army-Wtvl 872-2172
  • Salvation Army-Norr 634-2878

Various payment methods are accepted such as cash, check, money orders, debit and credit cards or you can set up for EFT payments to come out of your checking or savings account.


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