Why Build with Oil Heat

Oilheat. Clean, Warm, Abundant

Oilheat can cost less.
For 28 of the last 35 years, oil has been less expensive than natural gas. It is still, even at today’s prices, much less than electricity.
Most importantly, advanced equipment technologies have reduced consumption by 40% from 25 years ago. Using less, reduces your total bill and has less impact on the environment.

Oilheat is reliable.
A diversified source of supply is one of heating oil’s strengths. Heating oil refined from crude comes from a wide variety of countries, including Canada, Norway, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Venezuela with the majority coming from the U.S.. Diesel Fuel is really heating oil, only a bit cleaner with less sulfur. Maine’s heating oil will be the same as diesel in 2018. If we run out of diesel fuel, we have bigger problems than heating.

Oilheat is clean.
The science of heating oil has come a long way—advances in technology and low-sulfur heating oil formulas have reduced particle emissions to near zero levels. In addition, modern oil heating systems in well-insulated homes now allow homeowners to enjoy the same amount of warmth using 40% less fuel—further reducing emissions and lowering heating costs.

Oilheat is safe.

One of the safest heating sources, in fact. Heating oil will not explode, or even burn, unless it is turned into a fine mist. You can actually drop a lighted match into heating oil and the oil will extinguish the flame.